Website hosting and its features

Website hosting

There are a huge number of offers on the hosting market. To choose the right hosting for hosting your site, you need to understand the capabilities of each service.

A competent choice of tariff will ensure the stable functioning of the Internet project. With a small number of requests to the site, problems usually arise. However, hosting often cannot cope with the increasing load with a large flow of requests. The reason for this is the lack of equipment resources.

Hosting service is free and paid. Free hosting has many disadvantages. It is an unreliable service, since it can disappear at any time along with the site, and also has:

  • defective functionality. At the same time, it is almost impossible to promote the project;
  • restrictions on the management of databases, files;
  • not prestigious domain level;
  • a large number of annoying ads that cannot be closed.

When placing business projects on a hosting site, you shouldn't risk it. You need to choose a commercial hosting option that is more beneficial for site owners.

The hosting service conditions must meet the needs and specifics of the project. For business card sites, information portals, and other small sites, virtual hosting is suitable. On such a site, all customer projects are placed in a common server environment. Therefore, the conditions for the successful operation of sites are not always favorable.

If one of the projects is subjected to ddos ​​attacks, then the server becomes inaccessible to all neighboring sites. Still, for novice users, virtual hosting is a fairly convenient service, since its cost is low, and the management is carried out by a hoster.

It is recommended to place popular projects on a virtual server. It is created using VPS / VDS technology. In this case, several autonomous host machines with dedicated resources are formed on the real server.

The VPS tenant, who has received administrator rights, can independently make settings, optimize work, install the OS, the necessary software. The capabilities of a virtual server are similar to a dedicated (real) one. At the same time, the cost of services is several times cheaper due to the limited amount of capacities, which are quite enough for the productive operation of the site. Limits can always be changed to a new tariff.

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