Web Hosting for html sites

Hosting for HTML files

Users rent the necessary resources for websites when using the hosting service. This ensures that the hosted project runs smoothly. Hosting service is the basis for launching sites. The provider is responsible for their safety and security. High-quality hosting guarantees quick access of visitors to the online project.

Benefits of hosting provider services:

  • protection against viruses;
  • free technical support for solving technical problems;
  • the ability to download multiple pages;
  • affordable cost for most types of hosting.

HTML is a hypertext markup technique used to create sites that do not require application processing. HTML generates static pages that can be hosted on any kind of hosting. The sites do not contain changeable functionality. Static content consists of html-code, CSS-style sheets. Calculations, colors are implemented through JavaScript code.

We can say that shared hosting, which does not have databases, and HTML hosting are no different. They are used to host business card sites and other small projects. Unlike dynamic sites, scripts are not executed on the server side.

HTML was created to make documents easier to read. Later it was used to publish information on the network. This language has become widespread for its simplicity and clarity. The browser accepts tags without any problems and performs the required manipulations with the text that is displayed in a formatted form.

HTML processing takes place on the client side. Therefore, large server resources are not needed for the layout, assembly of the page, which is immediately issued to the visitor of the Internet project when accessing it.

Loading static pages is much faster than dynamic ones. The speed of work increases with less JS-code, CSS. A static site cannot be hacked. This fact is its great advantage.

Choosing hosting for a static site, you should pay attention to the range of hosting services for novice clients. Inexpensive rates provide the customer's project with everything you need. They support PHP and CGI. The only limitation is the lack of MySQL.

Cheap hosting is a good start for newbies. It is fine for static HTML pages that do not require a database.

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