Benefits of Paid Hosting

Paid Hosting

Many site owners, especially at the stage of launching a resource, want to save money by trying to do this by choosing a free hosting. The consequences of such a decision are reflected in the process of work, expressed in the loss of users, reputation and additional costs.

Why you need to choose paid hosting

Hosting is responsible for the speed of the site and the reliability of its work. There are many hosting providers offering services on different terms. The site owner, when making a choice between paid and free hosting, must understand all the prospects and consequences of his decision.

At first glance, these two types of hosting perform the same function – they provide disk space that allows you to host a website. But upon closer examination, their capabilities differ significantly.

Key points when using paid hosting:

  • support for the work of CMS, the functions of which include changing the structure of the site, making changes, additions and various services. Reliable operation of the site is ensured by supporting CMS updates, and most free hosting, due to their limitations, cannot support working with databases and introduce partial restrictions. Such conditions can be satisfied only by small sites with a simple structure and low traffic;
  • the speed of access to the site. Modern users are accustomed to quickly searching for any information on the Internet, which means they prefer to use sites with a high speed of data provision. Paid hosting provides quick opening of a page in a browser, switching between bookmarks, having advanced technologies and high server capacities;
  • a multifunctional control panel that allows you to configure basic data, work with statistical data, file managers, etc. Free hosting can provide such a control panel with great restrictions or even deny access to it;
  • the size of disk space in the right size, which is of key importance for large sites with a large amount of information. The limited size of the space offered by free hosting does not allow uploading graphic, sound and video files, etc. This greatly limits the prospects for the development of the site, so the size of the disk space is one of the key aspects when choosing the type of hosting;
  • availability of technical maintenance, support from specialists, as well as notification of possible failures, technical work. Paid hosting provides the site owner with confidence in the reliability of the resource's functioning and quick restoration of work in case of malfunctions;
  • no other people's advertising. Free hosting providers reserve the right to place advertisements on the site, the volume and type of which is determined only at the discretion of the company. The site owner cannot have any influence on this process, and therefore users are constantly forced to interrupt viewing information due to pop-ups or transitions to an advertising site, which causes irritation for many of them. Purchasing a paid hosting completely eliminates this problem. All information, including advertising, is posted on the site only at the discretion of its owner.

You have to pay for high-quality hosting, but in the end its advantages ensure the reliability, uninterrupted operation of the resource, the possibility of developing and increasing the reputation of the site.

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